Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sérgio Macedo - part II

Here are a few quotes from the interviews that I found quite valuable:

"Art is knowing how to live."

When asked about his relatioship with foreign editors, he said:
"There are more sharks in the editing world than in the sea..."

"I'd like to make a suggestion. I see that Brazilian comics are entering in a very heavy, low energy dimension. Artists are pleased with creating stories of violence, crime, tragedy, horror. Look, guys, that's very easy. Drawing monstruosities, ugliness, "denouncing" horrible things is easy. The world is full of problems, what we need to do is find solutions to make life better, to be happy. No one came to this world to be unhappy. Life on this planet has lost its conexion with the Original-Center-Source of the universe, it's not easy, but this planet is a very interesting school. Connecting with positivity, doing to others what we'd like them to do to us (that applies to comics as well), are principles that have extremely beneficial effects for life in general. It's time to wake up from this conditioning that the Brazilian media, specially TV, execute on people's heads. Can't you realize that it's the ruling classes' interest to maintain the people in this atmosphere of fear and insecurity to better control them as sheep? Guys, wake from this brainwashing that the TV is doing to you! Artists and writers, think of doing more positive comics. I remember chatting with Jean-Giraud (Moebius), one of the best artists of the planet. We were making comments on certain trends in comic books, and he said: 'Drawing monsters is way too easy. Drawing the beauty of an angel, now that's something else'".

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