Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sérgio Macedo - part I

Can you believe he learned to draw and paint by himself?

He was born in 1951 and left for Europe in 1974, but he found it too grey and sad, so he moved to Tahiti and lives there up to this day, doing sports from 2 to 5 hours a day and working from 6 to 16 hours a day.

He had many influences in different moments of his life:
-Inácio Justo, Shimamoto, Jayme Cortez, and the illustrator of Francisco Marins' books (frequently quoted as an influence by many artists, but very few remember his name, Oswaldo Storni - here's a post about him)
-North American Underground and French vanguard (Druillet, Caza) and Richard Corben and Wallace Woody's techniques
-Frederic Remington, Norman Rockwell, all realistic painters
-but his main influence, since the 80's is material, energetic, psychic, mental and spiritual life.

He published in many magazines: Grilo, Soma (Brazil); Actuel, Circus, Métal Hurlant, Rock & Folk, Neutron, Horizon du Fantastique, SexBulles, Ah! Nana, BD Adultes, Pilote (France); Heavy Metal (USA); Totem (Spain); Tung Metall (Sweden); and here's a (probably incomplete) list of his albums:
O Karma de Gargoot (Editor Massao Ohno)
Fume C'est Du Macedo (Kesselring Éditeur)
Psychorock (Humanoïdes Associés)
Telechamp (Humanoïdes Associés)
Caraïbe (Éditions Glénat)
Voyage Intemporel (Éditions Glénat)
Eldorado I - Le Trésor de Paititi (Éditions Glénat)
Eldorado II - A La Recherche D'Agharta (Éditions Glénat)
Les Aventures de Mike The Bike & Molly (Éditions Neptune)
Pacifique Sud I - Le Monde Tabou (Éditions Aedena)
Pacifique Sud II - Le Mystère des Atolls (Éditions Aedena)
Brasil! (Vaisseau D'argent Éditeur)
Honu Iti E (CTRDP)
Te Tere O Te Tupuna (CTRDP)
La Légende de Tuivao (Éditions des Mers Australes)
Lakota: An Illustrated History (Treasure Chest Publisher)

Lakota won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Multicultural Book of 1997, chosen from 1100 books! In 2007, he won the HQ Mix Award for Grand Master. He was the first to use aerography in comics in Europe.

He doesn't see himself as a mystic, but someone who tries to use the natural inner energy, to use more than 10% of the brain, to live respecting the values of Beauty, Kindness and Truth, and do to others what he'd like to be done to himself.

More pics here, here, a preview of Xingu! and his Comic Vine page.

Sources: Bigorna and Alan Moore Senhor do Caos (lots of pics).

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  1. I met Sergio some years ago in Germany. He is an creative artist. Seems he is living somewhere on tropical islands now...