Monday, October 24, 2011

youPIX Festival in San Francisco

Only now I found out about this. If you're in San Francisco TODAY:

youPIX Festival in San Francisco
a safari into Brazilian memes and internet culture

ABOUT YOUPIX? youPIX is the largest internet culture festival in Brazil. In its more than nine events since 2009, – the most recent one drew more then six thousand people – youPIX has hosted important Brazilian guests like Gilberto Gil (former Minister of Culture), Marcelo Tas (TV Host), Rosana Hermann (journalist, internet expert), Helio de La Pena (comedian at Globo Tv), Rafinha Bastos (TV host,  most influent person on Twitter – NYT) and many international ones, such as Christopher “m00t” Pole (4chan/Canvas), Ben Huh (Cheezburger Network), Jamie Wilkinson (Vhx.Tv, Know your Meme, Star Wars Uncut), Anthony Volodkin (Hype Machine), David After Dentist, Double Rainbow Guy and others. Joining a youPIX Festival is like jumping live into the Internet or surfing the web outside the browser. Internet memes, personalities, and fans come together for celebration, discussion and a live immersion in this epic revolution called Internet culture.

Check it out here.

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