Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quickies #39

A BDjornaleco (a tiny special issue of BDjornal) about Spacca has been released in Portugal

João Henrique Lopes de Souza's Elements of Manga Style has ben released in English

The Nix Side is a new webseries about a girl that works in a comic shop. She wants to be a comic artist, as her father had been, but there's this big comics company owner who's a bad guy, and the series is full of pop/nerd culture references, etc. As far as I've seen, it has some good moments. And the chicks are cute. So far, there are 4 chapters, 6 minutes long each. The translation seems pretty good.

Daniel HDR released his new sketchbook

We're having tons of releases at the Belo Horizonte International Comics Festival. Usually, I only tell you about those that may be of more immediate interest to the international community, but I gotta make an exception. Mauricio de Sousa announced a new line of Monica's Gang graphic novels.

Ana Luiza Koehler draws Carthage #2

Sources: Neorama dos Quadrinhos and UniversoHQ.

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