Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Done torturing myself

I'd decided to just read what I had to read once and for all. Or not. Maybe I should write decent reviews. But I won't. Maybe I should post some pics. But no.

Besides The Major, there are a few short stories you can read at the right column on Hector Lima's website. I think Steve Brain is the only one worth reading.

Here's a parody of Den by Junim called Ankh video.

Promises of love to strangers while waiting for the end of the world s a very interesting alternative experimental comic by Pedro Franz. It's divided in three parts, with four chapters each. I highly recommend reading this, but chapters are too short, maybe you should wait for a whole part to be available in English (so far, there are only 2 chapters) to get the real feel. Or maybe wait for the whole series to be done. I know I'll have to read it again when it's over.

If you're feeling romantic, try these short stories by Mario Cau.

A sci-fi shortie drawn by Edu Francisco

Here's a very balanced report on the police action in the favelas of Rio, made for a Dutch political cartoon website by Augusto Paim and MauMau can be read here.

Not bad comic strips by Adão Iturrusgarai in English and Spanish.

And here's some stuff I wouldn't even dare to read: Supersonic HQ and Foreskin Man.

Some short stories by Amilcar Pinna and Amanda Grazini. They're so beatiful... I wish there were more than just three...

Here and here you can find stuff by Odyr. I don't really recommend it though... the comics are mixed up with some other stuff, uncategorized, and some of them are "subtitled". Ok, Odyr made another more organised and bilingual blog.

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