Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brazilian artists on Zuda

Too bad Zuda's gone, cause I wanted to make a post about the Brazilian artists there... well, I'll make that post anyway!

To be honest, I haven'r read any of them. My internet conection sucks, and Zuda wasn't very friendly in that sense. Well, here's a list of the names I could gather (only Brazilian artists are mentioned):

Cursed Planet - Felipe Sobreiro and Milton Sobreiro
Day of Prey - Ramon Cavalcante
Earthbuilders - Felipe Sobreiro (Milton Sobreiro's son)
Mr. Trildok Sings the Blues - Julia Bax
Rockstar - Aluísio Cervelle Santos
Sidewise - Igor Noronha
The Passenger - Alexandre Vidal

That I know, Earthbuilders and Sidewise were winners (but I don't know what it means to be a winner at Zuda).

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