Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magics and Barbarics

Magics and Barbarics are the adventures of an annoying mage and a barbarian that quotes Shakespeare. Very good adventure/comedy strips by Fabio Ciccone. Apparently simple, very mature artwork.

But there are a couple of "buts": First, it's updated only once a week in the Portuguese version (tops), and who knows when it'll be updated again in English. Second, MANY of the earlier strips are missing. Regarding this, the author told me:

Unfortunately the earlier strips are not online in the English website. It's a decision I made when the site was put together due to some stuff that was going on at the time, and it's not easy to revert now. I expect to upload them one day, but I cannot tell when I will be able to make it.

Such a good series in such a lame state. =/

P. S.: The series will have it's first printed edition in Portuguese very soon.

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