Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quickies #23

Bigorna's goodbye post, written by Baraldi, sparked off a lot of discussion. Ambrosia made a series of posts on the subject, written by diverse comic artists, writers and scholars. You can have them all google translated:
Some badasses' opinions
Delfin's opinion
Estevão Ribeiro's opinion
Alexandre Nagado's opinion
Nagado was the only one who actually agreed with Baraldi, but with better arguments.

André Diniz tweeted:
@adiniz9 I wrote an article about the present national comics market
@adiniz9 Just kidding. That link leads nowhere...

Bira Dantas too made a post on the subject, also disagreeing with Baraldi

Exhibition SICAF 10 Brazilian Cartoonists Paralel Exhibition 2011 in Seul, South Korea.

Ibraim Roberson draws Flashpoint: Frankenstein - Creatures of the Unknown

Source: Neorama dos Quadrinhos.

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