Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quickies #26

Rafael Grampá and Eduardo Medeiros in Strange Tales II

Franz, from Opentrain, is in São Paulo. Meeting of scanlators! And this is what he's been doing.

Casanova - Avaritia will come out in September in the US

Morten, from Offtopia, has shown to be inapt at managing Cali's scans. Cali was the first to make English scanlations of Brazilian comics (and then he disappeared). Thanks to witch_fm and to the old ENXAME blog, I could save what had been done. Some chapters are missing. So I'm taking over and recovering this shit.

Here's the first candidate to the Brazilian cospoor contest!

Sources: Ambrosia, @PiadasNerds and Universo HQ.

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