Friday, December 16, 2011

Quickies #42

Doomer in Mexican art magazine inkult #13

Fabiano Neves draws new Robocop cover

The Mauricio de Sousa and Osamu Tezuka crossover I mentioned here will be about the Amazon forest and should be released in february, 2012.

Bleeding Cool noticed that the FIQ (Internation Comic Book Festival) attended more people than the San Diego Comic-Con. In a Blog dos Quadrinhos post, Paulo Ramos stated that, on one hand, the entrance to the FIQ was free, while in San Diego it was paid; on the other hand, the USA has a much more solid comics market than Brazil's. Afonso Andrade, this year's FIQ's coordinator, said that "Comparisons are hard and dangerous. They're quite different events."

Brazilian Osamu Tezuka fans chose tomorrow, december 17, to celebrate Tezuka Day. Tezuka fans all over the world are invited to participate. You can check it out on twitter or facebook.

Sources: Blog dos Quadrinhos, Neorama dos Quadrinhos and Universo HQ.

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