Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quickies #31

Some of this Quickies is old news, some is game related stuff I posted elsewhere, some is about politics.

Mauricio de Sousa and Osamu Tezuka were friends. They were going to make a crossover between their characters, but then Tezuka died. Last year, more than 20 years later, Tezuka Productions authorized the crossover. "Finally, I'm fulfilling our promise", said Mauricio. So far, I haven't heard anything else about it. Pics here.

I made a couple of posts on Opentrain, one about the Street Fighter Dance and one about the Wololo Day (I still don't know which side won).

Brazilian politicians are trying to pass a law to control the internet. I studied the matter to some extent, since I'm not always pro-anonymism. It's not nearly as horrible as what's happening the the US, but it's still freaking Big Brother. Show your support to freedom here and here.

(August 10 update: make some more pressure here)

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