Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quickies #33

Gustavo Duarte makes yet another mute comic book, Birds. The formula is repeated, anthropomorphic animals and a mix of comedy and other genre (Có was sci-fi, Taxi was jazzy, Birds is a thriller).

Marcelo Braga (Gustavo Duarte's brother?) released his Diburros Sketchbook 2011. Here you can read his impressions on the San Diego Comic-Con (in Portuguese), see lots of pics and a list of stores in the US where you can buy Diburros and Birds.

Bira made a trip to South Korea. It seems that our countries are tightening their comic bonds. In his blogs, there's a LOT of text (Portuguese and/or English) and pics about both the events in Korea and Brazilian comics.

Opentrain seems to be becoming semi-known. The Megaman Network and The Mechanical Maniacs have posted about their New Adventures of Megaman scanlation.

Gisele Bündchen recently became the United Nations Environment Programme's Goodwill Ambassadress, and will be a character in a Cartoon Network animation, Gisele & the Green Team.

Sources: Blog dos Quadrinhos, @blogpauloramos, Neorama dos Quadrinhos, @opentrain and Universo HQ.

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