Friday, September 9, 2011

Quickies #34

Smurf Wars. More pics here.

Mesmo Delivery Kids

El Chavo del ocho is a Mexican TV show that started in the 70's, quite popular in Brazil. They also made comic books based on the series, and that allows me to post it here. In 2008, guys from the Brazilian TV show Pânico met Quico (Carlos Villagrán) and gave him a square ball. In 2010, they gave 14 months of rent to Señor Barriga (Édgar Vivar).

The Amy a Mil Traços exhibit in São Paulo, a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

There's this badass mustache rock band called Black Drawing Chalks. They're also graphic artists, so we got the videoclip below. You can download some of their music here and here.

Sources: Garimpo and Universo HQ.

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