Saturday, September 10, 2011


You know, the main goal of this blog is to make scanlations of Brazilian comics (at least in theory), but it's also interesting to talk about Brazilian webcomics already available in English. So I try to read every one that I find, even if it's a piece of shit.

Ezquizofrenia, by Bruno L. Ferreira and Wagner Gomes, is some sort of mutant, super-hero, nationalist, demons and angels comic. Not only are the script and artwork quite lame, but the translation and the page turning are terribly painful.

It could be interesting as a webcomic experiment, but it's not. Doesn't matter how much the authors brag about how badass and professional they are, it won't come true.

It only goes up to the fourth issue. Guess they gave up. Phew!

Don't read it here.

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