Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quickies #35

9/11 flash expo by Brazilian cartoonists

Gabriel Bá draws Casanova: Avaritia

Turma da Mônica Jovem was mentioned in the polemic about Justice League #1. Case you don't know, DC was telling everyone that that magazine was the best selling comic of the year, with 200,000 copies. Teen Monica's Gang #34 sold 500,000 copies.

Now we have Mónica Jóven (in Spanish) and Teen Monica (in English) (seen here and here). Those comics will be sold in Brazil, with a new issue every three months, aimed at language students (but telling your comic shop to import some would be a nice idea). The first issues in Spanish and English match the fifth issue in Portuguese.

Greg Tocchini will be in Rouen, France, this wednesday, giving autographs

Sources: Neorama dos Quadrinhos and Universo HQ.

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