Sunday, August 14, 2011

Illustrated Cities

Cidades Ilustradas is a collection of artbooks showing some important Brazilian cities drawn by different international artists, published by Casa 21.

Belém, by Jean-Claude Denis (fr)
Very, very beautiful. I don't know if it's because of the city or because of the artist. Probably both. Oh, the colors, the textures... The text shows the artist's impressions and some peculiar findings.

Belo Horizonte, by Miguelanxo Prado (es)
By far my favorite. Not only are the city and his artistic view very good, but he uses the opportunity to write a delicious short mystery story that takes place in the city. Too bad this is the ONLY issue that doesn't have an English translation in the end. That's why I'm putting it on my maybe-someday-scanlate list.

Curitiba, by Cesar Lobo (br)
Even the simplest of the albums is very well done. But this one feels more touristical than the others.

Florianópolis by Guazzelli (br)
This one has more flat colors, drawn more loosely. The author focuses on the country life and dreams.

Porto Alegre, by Carlos Nine (ar)
The most bizarre, everything alive and distorted...

Rio de Janeiro, by Jano (fr)
Anthropomorphic and subversive, of course, and rich in details. It was later made into a movie, Rio de Jano.

Salvador, by Marcelo Quintanilha (br)
Poetical, human, realistic and artistic at the same time. Instead of information or impressions, a web of short stories.

São Paulo, by David Lloyd (uk)
The one I liked the least. The paintings look too much like photographs, and the written text is boring.

All the volumes (except for Belo Horizonte) have English translations in the end. All of them can be downloaded at low-but-still-good-enough resolution at

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