Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brazilian artists in Jordan

"Welcome to Aranim Media Factory. Aranim™ is a new cultural phenomenon in the middle east – providing tens of millions of Arab youth the chance to enjoy comics, manga, animation, games and films inspired by middle eastern mythologies."

Aranim comics seem to be quite a hit. For example, Hawker Hunter was published in 2007 along with Jordan's biggest newspaper and became Middle East's best selling comic book.

But Jordan has no comics tradition, so they had to import artists from all over the world, most of them Brazilian*. Ten of the eleven titles shown in their website* were written by Marcelo Cassaro, the other one, by Petra Leão. Eight were drawn by Edu Francisco and one by Gislene Maymi.

However, none of these titles credit the authors. "None of us made a point of it. Since I wasn't very familiar with the Arab culture and I didn't have much control over the final work, I prefered not to sign", Cassaro explains.

Sources: Universo HQ and A New Start.

*At least in 2009

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