Monday, November 8, 2010

Monica's Gang

Overall, Brazil doesn't really have a strong comics industry. We're going through a particularly good moment, but it's still weak, when compared to many other countries.

But there's an exception: Mauricio de Sousa's Monica's Gang. It's a whole universe of comics for kids that totally kicks Disney's ass!

Created in 1959, Monica's Gang comics are published in 14 languages and 40 countries!

In 2007, they moved to a new publishing company, Panini, and that brought them even more growth. They're publishing collections of old stuff and comics in English and Spanish for Brazilian language students and developing comics for teenagers.

Recently, they've published MSP50 and MSP+50, with a hundred Brazilian artists paying homage to Mauricio de Sousa!

Well, if wanna know these comics, click here for the website in English (it even has a version of Romeo and Juliet) or here for the Italian version (more recent).

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