Monday, May 23, 2011

How I met the Master

My first scalation ever was Le Troisième Testament, from SilentMoon's The Third Testament to O Terceiro Testamento. Moon is somewhat famous in the scanlation world, probably the first to make French ones. I made the Portuguese version in 2007, I think, and the first two tomes were officially released in Brazil in 2008. Sadly, my translation of a translation was still better than the official translation.

Anyway, at that time, I tried to get in touch with Moon, to ask some info or only to show him what I was doing. I never got an answer. But he was one of my main influences anyway, showing me different things.

In January 27, 2010, I made an account at The Longbox, mostly looking for a proofreader. There's an "introduce yourself" area, where everyone would make a new thread for introduction. I had made mine, and I went back there to check for answers, and I realized that one of those threads had had many more replies than usual. I got curious.

Guy #1 was introducing himself, ok. Admin welcomes him, ok. Guy #2 introduces himself, saying he didn't need to make a new thread for that, ok. Admin asks Guy #2: "hey, are you THE SilentMoon?" Only then I realized the Master was before me. He and I had joined that forum in the very same day! Also, the Admin had uploaded some of his stuff just the day before!

As you can imagine, I went OMG OMG fangirl. And he was like, oh, ok, so nice, thank you. Oh, so humble!

And we never talked again.

But tell me if it isn't MAGICAL!

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