Friday, May 20, 2011

Quickies #20

Marcelo Ferreira will be one of the artists of the new Richie Rich

Justiniano was arrested in the US for possession of child pornography. Apparently, he had a pendrive with slides to be shown at a funeral, and another with child porn, and he mistook one for the other. He had done a lot of artwork for Marvel and DC.

Alain Voss died on May 13th, in Portugal. Brazilians say he was French, the French say he was Brazilian, but he grew up in Brazil, that's for sure. He left the country to escape the dictatorship, and became part of the first Métal Hurlant team. His main work was Heilman, a polemic comic that mixed nazism, punk and esoterism. Click here for the original news and lots of pics of his work.

First pics of MSP Novos 50. MSP 50 is a three-album series with short stories made by many writers and artists with their personal interpretation of Monica's Gang universe.

Jimmy Five asks Monica to be his girlfriend in Turma da Mônica Jovem (a teen Monica's Gang series, not available abroad). Will she accept it? We'll find out when issue 34 is released.

Source: Universo HQ.

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