Sunday, February 13, 2011

The legs of God

Laerte Coutinho is one of the most important Brazilian comic artists ever, and my personal favourite among the old school comic strip artists (and his son, Rafael, recently published a very acclaimed album).

A few years ago, he started to change his style. He didn't feel happy doing humour strips anymore, so he started doing a lot of experimental stuff, considered excelent by many. But I'm not here to talk about his talent, but about something that caught a lot of media attention recently. The recent abundance of crossdresser characters in his strips was only a preview of what was to come. He started dressing like a girl.

He wasn't very pretty when he dressed like a boy, but that's too much... just kidding! Not only is he defying his own creativeness in comics, but he's defying false genre parameters built by society!

Well, if you want more pics, here's an interview, here's him with Angeli, here's a post by André Dahmer (who had the "legs of God"idea) and here's a cute drawing.

But, most important, some of his strips have been translated by Enxame.

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