Thursday, February 3, 2011


Finally! A new release!

This is just a short story about Loriane, made a long time ago and reprinted in HA #12 and #13.

But lemme tell ya, it's hard being legal! Lately, I'm avoiding illegal stuff (ironically, a have never before in my life downloaded as much music as I do now). Then someone disappeared with my fake copy of Photoshop AGAIN! Fine, it was a good opportunity to do the right thing. I found out that it's quite hard living without PS.

First, I downloaded the GIMP. I had made some experiments with it before, with suspicious results, but, whatever, it was still the best free raster editor out there. But it has quite a crappy text tool. They're making a better one for the 2.8 update, which'll come out sometime this semester.

I also found out that Comic Sans really sucks (but PS made miracles with it). Luckily, there are quite good fonts out there, like Action Man and Komika Text.

So I downloaded a WHOLE BUNCH of softwares looking for a decent text tool, until I came across Inkscape. It was better than the others, but I wasn't satysfied yet. I kept searching, and then when I was about to finish downloading a 45 mega soft, my connexion crashed.

Just to give an idea, my connexion is supposed to be 500 kbps, but I'm thrilled when it goes over 100! At that moment, it was below 5. I was forced to keep trying with Inkscape. And what a surprise, I realized that it was everything I needed! And then I suddenly got my connexion back. ¬¬

"God writes straight with crooked lines."

Anyway, you're probably getting a couple new episodes very soon. And then we'll be back to the limbo for a while. Gotta fix problems with my HP scanner and make a whole batch of new scans (and maybe a second one) before I get back to translating cleaning, typesetting. But perhaps I'll have some more help by then!

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