Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scanlation Valley - or is it Heaven?

I was posting my scans in The Long Box, Offtopia, J Café and Teh Paradox, but I left the latter cause it sucks. So I went looking for new ones and found Comic Kingdom and Komics Live.

Within Komics Live, I found something that almost made me cry out of joy! The Scanlation Valley, alive with scanlators from all over the world exchanging experiences and working together!

Even if the French still rule there (yeah, the Japanese got their own separate place), there's all kinds of stuff, ranging from Danish comics Valhalla to Breccia (the father)'s Cthulhu!

It even looks that it has grown so much that it needs a new structure...

Every scanlation group and everyone looking for different comics should check it out.

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