Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quickies #8

Mateus Santolouco draws American Vampire

Ivan Reis draws Brightest Day

Marcelo Cassaro and Erica Awano's Dragon's Bride, originally published in Dragon Slayer magazine, will have a hard cover collection. It had colored parts in DS, but the hard cover will be all BW. It's justifiable in this case, and I don't think they'll fuck it up like they did with Holy Avenger (I gotta write a post on that later). Pics here.

Warren Ellis makes a beatiful compliment on Bá and Moon's Daytripper

On his twitcam, J. M. Trevisan was asked "What about that Holy Avenger animation? Can we still wait for something?", and he answered "Oh, you can wait."

Sources: @hectorlima, @Marcelo_Cassaro and Neorama dos Quadrinhos

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