Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quickies #6

Adriana Melo draws Wonder Girl

A review of LEO's Survivants #1

In an interview (in Portuguese), Wander Antunes said "It's not that I'm producing for the French market, it's just that they buy and edit me. I have several done or half-done stories that I present to many editors, here, there and in other countries." He also said that his contact with Jaime (who, by the way, introduced him to Dupuis) began with Canalha magazine, that Toute la Poussière du Chemin was made from short stories originally made for El Víbora magazine and that he's currently working on a secret project with a Brazilian artist.

Adriano Batista draws Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood

Five special issues that Marvel's releasing on march celebrating 70 years of Captain America had their covers done by Greg Tocchini. The covers together form a big poster.

Sources: Blog dos Quadrinhos and Neorama dos Quadrinhos.

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