Thursday, February 24, 2011


XDragoon is a quite shounen cliché comic, but, unlike many shounen wannabe, it actually has pretty good artwork, plot and storytelling. Written, drawn and colored by Felipe Marcantonio, it's been ongoing slowly but steadily since 2008, with 12 issues so far (one complete story arc).

I'd recommend it to shounen fans. It gets pretty good once you get past the first chapter's unbearable cliché and hideous translation. Oh, filesize is quite large.

P.S.: The cassarian mistery remains: Why do female dragons have boobs?

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  1. I wouldn't know about the "mistery", since there's no visible fog, nor Stephen King Nurse in sight. But if you're asking about the Mystery, it can be summed up as; horny guys love seeing sexy dragons. The alternative is creating an actual asexual being that's neither male or female, and most fantasy artists lack the imagination to create such a creature.