Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latveria Free! part V

"@fabiofreitasss: Superman is questioned about the situation in Latveria: 'I don't know it. Show me on the map.'

@strixvanallen: Von Doom, in his speech, accuses the USA of sending four terrorrists to assassinate him, threatening the country's democratic transition.

@lederlycomics: Iran threatens to gamma bomb the USA in support of Von Doom. The White House's spokesman says Ahmadinejad might carry out the threat.

@lederlycomics: The White House's spokesman says he's concerned about the number of gamma creatures: 'We may have a rainbow of Hulks!'

@Lord_Anderson: Minister Marco Feliciano says Latveria is cursed because dictator Victor Von Doom's mother was a gipsy and a sorcerer.

@elescama: A bald giant appears in the borders of Latveria and resumes his presence to one sentence: 'I just watch.'

@MauricioMuniz: Von Doom's biography, MEIN MASKAMPF, is on The New York Times's best-sellers list. Critics agree: 'He's a monster!'

@lederlycomics: Stan Lee is seen for a moment in a CNN newscast: 'Its a Marvel crisis. I had to show up. Excelsior!!!'

@mas_que_mario: Von Doom was bullyed in his childhood: 'That criminal Ben Grimm wouldn't leave me alone...'

@JEBosombra: Paparazzi finds out! Dr. Doom had a child outside of his 'marriage' with Latveria: ."

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