Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latveria Free! part IX

"@polegadas: Neeeeeeeeeerds, the Workers' Party is following us because of #LatveriaFree LOL laughed my ass off :)

@MarcelaMarvel: #LatveriaFree That's all I say! cause I'm a Nerd and an Intern"

Somebody made a tumblr covering the situation in loco. There's little that I found worth translating (the best line was "I should have brought more cigarettes"), but you might wanna check it out, there are a few parts in English.

"@bruno_hq: When asked about the situation in Latveria, Victor Von Doom comments 'GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU NERDS'

@LandNick: When asked in an enterview if he was Latverian, dictator Victor Von Doom answered: 'No!! Latveria is mine!!'

@TitoCamello: People Magazine: Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie declare that they'll adopt a refugee Latverian kid.

@FabioRezende: That #LatveriaFree joke is pretty fun, but it'd be better if the person who made it knew English #FreeLatveria

@lielson: it's nerdness for us, but for the Latverians it's raw truth.

@VitorAzambuja: The pope accuses Doom of satanism. The Dalai Lama accuses Doom of bellicism. Hu Jintao accuses Doom of opportunism. Dilma stays silent."

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