Saturday, April 16, 2011

Latveria Free! part II

I figured no one was gonna make a selection, so I saved as much of the campaign as I could. It's still ongoing, but much slower.

It seems that @MauricioMuniz started the whole thing, but I couldn't find out where or when.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna translate a little bit of what's going on everyday, if I can.

"@PauloMcMiller: A massive amount of doombots make a tight protection around the Latveria Falls Plaza. The population is furious.

@lederlycomics: The situation gets complicated with the information of a presumed Skrull infiltrated in Nick Fury's ranks.

@HufflepuffBR: Remember Genosha!

@roberpinheiro: The Justice League showed concern through their spokesman Ajax about the situation in Latv... oops, wrong universe.

@unilson  it's been more that 60 years of Latveria's fight for freedom!

@lederlycomics: The alleged Skrull spy was captured. More detailed info at any minute.

@Cardoso @TonnyDourado: Where's UN? And NATO? Where's Captain Planet, if not stopping this criminal?

@NathaliaMSM: #LatveriaFree my ass! God Save Doom! >=)

@gaio_cruz: CNN NOW: Darkseid schedules a diplomatic visit to Latveria and sends military reinforcements to Victor von Doom.

@PauloMcMiller Pope Benedict XVI sends his blessings to the Latverian people and asks for justice to be done."

Those were tweeted yesterday. I tried to give you just the feeling, but I'll try to select the funniest next time.

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