Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latveria Free! part III

Yesterday, @MauricioMuniz, journalist, editor, blogger and creator of the #LatveriaFree campaign, retweeted the tweets that started it:

"After Egypt, Libya and others, analysts assert that the next country to rebel agains its dictator will be... LATVERIA!

NEWSBREAK! UN just froze Victor Von Doom's bank accounts in Switzerland and Cayman islands!

LET'S HELP IN THIS FIGHT! It's time for another dictator to fall! Spread the word and help our Latverian brothers!

To aid in the fight, Simple Minds released the single "Latveria's Day". Let's sing together "OH OH OH OH LATVERIA'S FREE"

Let's show the power of Twitter! The world needs to know the horrors happening in Latveria! Spread the word about this fight!

Acoording to the CNN, the rebels are already attacking Doomstadt, capital of Latveria! So far, 82 deaths and 22 DoomBots destroyed!

In this moment, president Obama is having a meeting with Nick Fury at the White House to discuss the situation in Latveria.

Guys, mankind is one! We have to fight for the Latverian brothers' right to freedom! Spread the word! Join this fight! 

The UN is deciding if SHIELD should intervene with the Latverian rebellion! For political reasons, the Avengers are forbidden to do so.

RESEARCH! In your opinion, should the UN and the American Congress allow the involvement of the Avengers in the Latverian crisis?

It's time for the Iron Mask to fall!"

He also said it started as a simple joke, he didn't expect it to take such proportions. He never laughed this much with twitter.

And he's coming up with another one.

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