Sunday, April 24, 2011

Latveria Free! part VII

"@TitoCamello: In Duckburg, quackillionaire Scrooge shows interest in Latverian crisis: 'What's the market's exchange rate today?'

@neryunf: 'Doom's missing a screw!', internation politics specialsts say.

@fabiofreitasss: Monica volunteers: 'I'll use my bunny on Von Doom and get over with this mess!' and 'He's gotta be friends with Jimmy Five!'

@MauricioMuniz: NEWSBREAK! It is revealed that president Dilma Roussef's family doesn't come from Bulgaria, but from Latveria! Von Doom's cousin?

@lederlycomics: Avengers waste time talking and are found out by Doombots. Were they written by Kurt Busiek, they would have already attacked.

@IgorTavern: Wall-E gets upgraded by Tony Stark. 'It's time to kill', says the robot.

@polegadas: proof that the last elections in Latveria (30 years ago) were a fraud: Doom ran against a Doombot.

@IgorTavern: Naruto and Kakashi killed by Elektra. 'Amateurs', she says.

@IgorTavern: Witnesses claim to have seen the Joker writing 'run away, run away, Wonder Woman' on an Avengers' tower wall.

@jeansinclairBR: Victor Von Doom about the accusation of machinations with Brazilian politicians: 'BAH!'"

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