Saturday, April 23, 2011

Latveria Free! part VI

"@MauricioMuniz: In his biography MEIN MASKAMPF, Von Doom reveals: 'I cried over the wrecks of the WTC! I wanted to knock it down!'

@neryunf: Time to wake up the Beyonder RT @JEBosombra: Doom shows his arsenal to his enemies! The Infinity Gems are recognized! Armies start to retreat.

@mngljr: baytor! baytor! baytor! baytor!

@IgorTavern: 'I don't give a fuck' Says John Constantine when asked.

@MauricioMuniz: In New York, people burn copies of MEIN MASKAMPF, Von Doom's biography, in the Central Park. And copies of TWILIGHT too.

@IgorTavern: 'I am hungry' Galactus announces.

@Akularith: Sales of Von Doom action figures fall very quickly.

@guilhermekroll: It's so cool that @NickFury tweets in Porguese, huh? LOL

@veja: Dilma, PT e MST* involved in budget deviation to Victor Von Doom in Latveria.
*President of Brazil, Workers' Party and Landless Movement

@fabiofreitasss: Sandman about Latveria: 'A nation that has been dreaming of freedom and justice for a long time...'"

By the way, #LatveriaFree actually DID make it into the Top Trends.

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