Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quickies #18

Adriana Melo was the first woman to draw the Punisher and Spider-Man

Laerte made into the Brazilian TTs, after going to the late night show Altas Horas. Lots of comments were made about his crossdressing, pro, against and neutral. Still, he wasn't ranked as high as other guests of the show.

Monica's Gang is part of a huge project to teach 180.000.000 Chinese children to read and write. Several comics, books and animations are being tranlated to Standard Chinese, in a partnership with the Chinese government. "They liked the way we always send a positive message when facing problems and the way the kids play with each other and relate with their parents", says Mauricio de Sousa. It's being done mostly through the internet, since they'd have to "destroy a forest for each (printed) issue".

Works of Pedro Franz, author of Promessas de amor a desconhecidos enquanto espero o fim do mundo (Love promises to strangers while waiting for the end of the world), will be part of an exhibition made this saturday by Convoy, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Renato Guedes indepently released his artbook. It can be bought through this e-mail:

Sources: Bigorna, Lady's Comics, Neorama dos Quadrinhos and Universo HQ.

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