Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latveria Free! part IV

"@lederlycomics: Wolverine was detached to invade Latveria, free the people, blow up a Doomboys factory and buy some bread.

@lederlycomics: According to the UN spokesman: 'he's ideal for this mission, since he can be in several monthly magazines at the same time.'

@leonardomenezs: in CARAS magazine, pictures of Namor the Sub-Mariner swimming in Von Doom's pool: 'a passion? Susan Richards.'

@fabiofreitasss: NEWSBREAK! Captured Skrull spy claims that Von Doom is not himself! He's as Skrull in control of Latveria. Truth or polemics?

@JEBosombra: Doom shows his arsenal to his enemies! The Infinity Gems are recognized! Armies start to retreat.

@heitorvserpa: Von Doom accuses SHIELD of supporting Magneto's terrorist movement.

@BozoDel: in Latveria, the dictator overthrows YOU!!!!!

@samuel_barboza or @PIPOCAENANQUIM: 'Now Latveria's on fire', says mischievous Human Torch.

@jacquesbarcia: Forge confirms to be working on a sub-dimensional server. 'Twitter will be operational again in Latveria in half an hour', he says.

@PauloMcMiller: Crisis in Latveria makes stock markets to suffer sudden falls. Nasdak: -15,4%; Dow Jones: -8.9%; Bovespa: -13,6%"

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